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Super Light Rain Jacket     超輕狗雨衣

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Super Light Rain Jacket 超輕狗雨衣


Doglemi 超輕狗雨衣

尺吋: 加細, 細, 中, 大, 加大, 2加大 (請看圖)

顔色: 粉紅, 藍色, 綠

超薄帆布製做, 防水, 透氣, 容易摧帶,可機洗.

Doglemi Super Light Rain Jacket for Dogs

Measurements: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Please see photo size chart)

Colour: Pink, Blue, Green

Made with super light nylon, water resistant, breathable material, easy to carry, machine washable.




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