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Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar - Made in UK

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Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar - Made in UK


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Dog Advent Calendar

For puppies and dogs 4 months+

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… get your dog into the Christmas spirit and count down with our Advent Calendar for dogs. Behind each window is a selection of healthy dog treats to tickle their taste buds that’s kind to tummies and to the planet. 

Description & Ingredients


The perfect way to countdown to Christmas with your pooch. Treat your dog to our advent calendar filled with delicious natural dog treats that have functional benefits designed to keep your dog healthy and happy!

Warning – keep out of reach to avoid your dog demolishing more than one window a day. Each window contains one of two healthy dog treats.

Nibbles: Baked Turkey with Slippery Elm 
It’s easy to get over excited during the festive season. Our turkey nibbles are baked with calming ingredients lemon balm and chamomile to tickle their taste buds and help keep your pooch relaxed in the run up to the big day. Full of healthy ingredients with no added sugars or salts, lovingly made by hand AND gently baked in eco ovens. 

Gnashers: Mini dental bones 
We love all things mini so we’ve made mini versions of our dog dental chews. With active ingredients to fight plaque and tummy tonic Slippery Elm, these low calorie dog treats are just the thing to keep your dog’s gnashers gleaming and their tummies happy.


Nibbles: Calming dog treats

30% Turkey, Sweet Potato, Gram Flour, Cold pressed rapeseed oil, Chamomile 0.5%, Lemon Balm 0.5%, Slippery Elm 0.1%, Glucosamine 0.1%

Protein 28%, Fat Content 13.5%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Inorganic Matter 7.7% Kcal/kg 368

Gnashers: dog dental treats

Sweet potato, Gram Flour, Cold pressed rapeseed oil, yeast extract, pumpkin seeds 2%, parsley, spinach 0.5%, sesame seeds 0.5%, coconut oil 0.1%, slippery elm 0.1%, sodium hexametaphosphate 0.1%, peppermint oil 0.05%

Protein 10.2%, Fat Content 6.8%, Crude Fibre 3.3%, Inorganic Matter 5.7% Kcal/kg 337



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