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Slow Eating Food Dish Bowl         阻食食物兜

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Slow Eating Food Dish Bowl 阻食食物兜




大- 直徑22cm x 高6cm

小 - 直徑18cm x 高6cm

顔色: 粉紅, 藍, 綠

阻食食物兜, 特別設計, 防止寵物狼吞食物, 高級膠製, 容易清洗, 無毒



Slow Eating Food Dish


Large: 22cm Diameter x 6cm Height

Small: 18cm Diameter x 5cm Height 

Colour: Pink, Blue, Green

Special design to prevent gulp eatin, made with food grade plastic, easy to clean, non-toxic

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DP:1010L/52, DP1010/41



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